Amidst the critical & perilous atmosphere, it was still one of the most awaited things to watch out for. Our guns had frozen with casualties rising high-hearts have already been pelted out- minds seeking that  invisible shelter- no need to define the vital fluid…
Being the commander-in-chief , two of them just tried to keep me away from the onslaught going for nights. I could see my brothers laid down abruptly, balls of fury with affliction reigning every soul inevitable. Shrugging them off, I just had something to convey to them. It went along like-“No sum of money can match the valour and vigour of these brothers, so its no worth at all to esteem peace by some odd chits of paper. To those well-wishers at distant lands, its the last sunset to be in pain as they change it to pride from next hour-General , the day becomes intolerable.. as his chase for another feather to his cap went in vain- blessings from my preceptors along with my dear mates making me stand on my feet- parents having the heart to send me to define my nation gifting me what I am concluding now-for her, it becomes that new day before we actually met…and for

My Nation -being proud of assisting it till my last breeeaaath…It just faded finally.



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