Not kind of something materialistic or factitious which makes us such happy and peaceful as this. Trillion minds wandering from a project work to a costly birthday present to going out on a weekend trail to having a nice time at movie to playing your favourite game on Xbox to having a peaceful time with parents on a world tour to  anything what it  suits best may chase within but ultimately there is always a commotion, a fear – a thinking that it will end after sometime. But there is one such benefaction in our life ,which always keeps us in entire tranquillity. Its the showers- Yeah , the same rains which make us sing, dance, be playful with umbrellas ,splashes of water,and love  on it’s high note .


Just mild drizzles may make a seed ornament itself into a small herb to a fully grown tree, making its disciples in inevitable joy-the farmers. Such is it’s sweetness that it takes the thirst out of every living being and makes them free to dance, and live the life upto it’s fullest. Making the world swing on it’s moods is what it’s all about. Just as an old scotch of ’69 makes a day of celebration to its fullest, like an old melody of Tagore releases all the pain inside and raises gleam of happiness, similarly such an impact is created of just feel…and live and tune to it’s tone.


Drops going from heavens to the clouds, racing to the Mother Earth, till it chases the ears of the trees and whistles to make them evergreen. Slipping from the leaves on to the parapet with an unique sound is just wonderful.Drizzling from the roof on to my hands with such generosity as if it makes my day. That is basically a touch and feel moment which cannot be described ,portrayed or donated to one.


And then flowing from there on, it strikes , mixes and glues itself to the stretches of land beneath.

Just ease yourself and take some time out of your daily monotonous chores ,to get a glance of the showers coming soon. Filling up your soul, it will help you go as you are and make the most out of yourself. We all love it and it loves watching us loving it. Keep a look on the drops -it’s all gifted to the humans without any intention, any diplomacy, it’s unidirectional; just as we go on showering all our pains ,issues and disputes on others. Will the rain fly upwards any day?…


Share yourself with it and love its essence.


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