“Can’t u say why was Poirot appointed to look after the investigation ?”, Prof. Charles screamed at Lily, following which it was obvious to hear some furious criticisms from him. ” Then why do you need to attend these sessions. It’s totally hopeless for people like you. If you have no intentions to live strong, what the life are you squandering about. ”

Really none takes his words seriously, but I, Vince , was struck by some cyclical disputes and interrogations.
Having black coffee on the arm chair & looking at the horses galloping ,I was certainly in want of something, in search of it…
Each moment we pass, we become known to its consequences. One says its just a duty to pass on resolving the duties. The next doesn’t know how to pass nights roadside. One always play it safe doing properly what everyone expects. One thinks its good to be a daredevil and unleash the “wolf” in you. Some are more interested to go on gaining what they are hungry of. Another feels its good to be bad and get the most out of others. One keeps everything at stake to be at the peak of cliffs while the other becomes a no-wherer. One serves for his fourth generation happily getting the smiles while one knows when he would see the last light .Its totally a maze which captures my nerves and remains undone always. Life serves as its experienced…


The last sip made me go deeper into the graves to close my eyes and reflect :
” What  am I for”.

The dusk set up it’s reign…


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