Amidst the sultry weather, yes-no of some of the mind houses, and being lonely at the end of the garage ,I was just in a half-dead way . Getting past all such guns whose attitude had been just ” I got to crack it , son”, ” Just blow them away, baby “,” These are just mild hiccups which I would be kicking away hard”, I was totally hopeful of being a winner. Some had induced me such courage that remained in my veins. Maria, with her bright, gave me some thumbs up which made me stronger than before. But as you know, it was not the day. Body ready to deliver, mind prepared to give the best but unless heart doesn’t ignite to burn down whatever it comes in is way, you won’t be comfortable.

Now ,it was showtime. Going through the anterior and posterior of it, I could clearly frame that it won’t be easy to surpass- to pose with a “V” in that particular subject. Slowly fear was trespassing my aisle- waiting for the right moment to haunt on me. But I was optimistic. I started my journey on a positive note digging up all the algorithms correctly .But one of them, made it quite vexatious.Time was lapsing like never before. It was being tedious for me to notch up further. Slowly, I was limping and crumbling with my cerebrum up to a standstill.

The view was pretty clear. Each of them were sweat-soaked but still busy jotting whatever they knew, whatever they gulped in. And few miracles like me- they had some fun time sleeping, gazing at the lake side, glancing at the two ladies with dark mascaras & blonde hair – true bombshells as they say. And me?…I was really lost in some dense maze of thoughts. “Don’t come and say that it was tough, hard to digest and excuse yourself”,” This time you got to make to the points table “,” All the money, your dad is earning heavily would just be trash if you don’t deliver ” were some jingling dialogues jumping around from my mom, dad and the mentors.

Though I give it a try to solve the others, I managed few. But still luring ,disappointing, heart weakening, uncourageous thoughts pondered over making it quite difficult to persist further. “I tried everyday at home. What the hell I was doing all these days! What to say to one who asks me about it. Where goes my star marks”…

I was really starstruck in dismay, oblong horror and mentally dismantled. Though, the flickering belief had in me today, to get past the witch but I just managed I only a few. It was over..

Suddenly, Manny just came along to throw out his wicked plans of apathy ” hey , buddy ,how was your day ??”…

A raw grin reflected and I said, “I had hunted them; those sums , superb fun altogether. But felt really bad for Austin-poor fella, was just somewhere lost throughout- for him it was like ‘damn maths’. Good bye, pal “


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