Going through Japan, on pages , I just couldn’t believe it’s words. But the summer before, when I just made a visit to Japan,I was just dumb-struck. Not only the words were proven true, but also I could see the basic difference between us and them. The lifestyle, attitude, behaviour, mentality and the thought process were totally bound to the rules. Basically, people think that rules are always strict, harsh and if not followed, then they would be penalized. But, Citizens over there have the common etiquette and so prevent themselves from being a crap. Yeah, crap -the one spitting down the highways, littering around and doing all sorts of obnoxious deeds are just that. Pollution is one of the debatable topics in all the companies here. A new sector for environment has opened in the government agencies. But all to vain. Until and unless the same person ,giving long presentations and lectures on pollution and safety, stops throwing the cigarette packet on the road , no change is possible. It’s just a chain where common people are learning from their masters. So they, too are having (pan masala, gutkha ..hope I don’t have to name the brothers ;)) and just painting the railway platforms, hospitals, buildings etc. It’s really a shame.

We can’t make another Japan or USA, but we make our own identity. Scarcity of pure water is the headache of the entire nation. More usage of toxic elements creating much indiscipline and unfavourable for human to use. Several notions and ideas have came up but unless thoughts are activated, mission isn’t successful. Regular earthquakes, floods and other Havocs wrecked mankind. These are just return gifts what mankind presents to the gravity on account of their own ego & selfishness.

Let’s hope that one day would definitely come when we can also stand in the world, with our heads high and be proud to be nature-friendly and evergreen. It’s not easy-it’s not impossible though.


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