Nearly two decades before ,it was totally evergreen. Every bites of my life had the smell of Jasmine, beauty of an Angel, melody of peace, strength of happiness & taste of whiskey. My daughter been well-settled with her husband, is tuned to her life pretty well . It was a true responsibility which ended on a happy note. Now, just me and my beloved wife going past our eighty’s , it feels like we are getting the raw-bitter taste of the lemon-peel after all the taste of life is tending to cease. Life is passing through such a phase which is worth refusing. I still go out for a walk on the alley, but ears get deserted to hear the sphere of problems that surrounds each one outside. That divine joy and happiness has vanished from the faces. A child gets too much of studies and other addictions which compels them to cease their childhood. Parents are bidirectionally in the trap- sorting out the child’s world to payment of insurances of their limping parents. And we, are just on the brink to wink into heaven-or hell as the case maybe. My wife , was totally paralysed since last year, getting to live the life totally on bed. Starting from morning to night, her world starts and ends on it. Sometimes she calls the home-nurse to give her the pills, to make her comb and also to sit comfortably. Without any short of mobility, she is magnetized to the bed. Whenever, I get a glance of it, my heart-aches much. I also got a stroke which due to god’s disgrace , I survived ! Really ,its a disgrace as at this period of life. There’s a box of pills for me too following the arms of clock. Throughout body pains and weakness, don’t let me to do much. Still, with the little money left, I hope I can serve the two of us. But the days are changing miserably with my wife, getting mentally handicapped -not able to recognize things, person and voicing rubbish. My nerves are also not that strong, to help her get out of this. I just slowly walk into her room, sit beside her giving her company, and try to evade into the treasury of happiness, what we shared- some of the best days of my life. It feels so lonely, not getting to see my grandchildren for long.It certainly pains the soul, but I don’t have someone to weep and share. Tears kept crawling my cheeks and years rolling down.

Waiting for the right sunrise to pass away…


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