When you find a man you wish to marry, Tessa, remember this: You will know what kind of man he is not by the things he says, but by the things he does.

                             Cassandra Clare


Everyday, we have various plans to make the day well, to make it closer to heart, to live life to the fullest, to make it memorable. But different strings play different notes, so everyday is varied and dances to its own tune. We may, however , award certain words of acknowledgement or criticism to others. This doesn’t imply much but our actions really does- what we had done, what we had been doing & what is still yet to propell in our “waiting list”. Actually, words may create a vague structure but it’s ornamentation is done mainly by our deeds. Someone doing something wrong or intented to do-will definitely get a reward which is definitely based on Newton’s third law. Psstt… Maybe that’s unknown to some. Simultaneously, good will reap better.

We may not think much while saying somebody or doing something in particular , but it’s outcome may create a lot of difference. Words cannot be taken back once offered to some, similar to promises. And actions may effect someone in either direction. But, still ,its the deeds, that matters most. Anonymously, an Angel can be brought to the land, but it doesn’t happen. You reflect yourself-your nature, character & moral qualities from your own deeds- the way you behave, the way you serve your family or the way you react to someone.


Basically, one doesn’t spend the whole life knowing you- a single day is enough to sketch out your shadow infront of the world. Its the way, man has made an impact on the lifestyle.

So, mere words won’t break you if, you are a substance from within. Else, you will be crushed.



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