“Hey what happened ? Anything painful ?”, asked  Moni Kaka.

“Anything wrong with you ? This is sad and unbelievable !” exclaimed Sujayda and 4 of my TT mates.

“Ki holo ? Hotat ei obostha ? Karon ta ki ?”, asked my best friend ” Ki babu , ghure ese mathar barota bajie dile . Na ki kichu kharap ? “, grilled the local shopkeeper.

The camera man , on way to his home , cycling fast, completely paused and made such a face of astonishing disappointment and definitely commented ” Suddenly why have you been this ? Are u all right? ”

“Kya hua beta ? Sab thik toh hai ?”, supposed neighborhood adorance.

” Oyeee, yeh kya ? Kuch unusual ? Sab thik toh hai ?”, college buddies

(Sorry , ladies and gentlemen , if you can’t get through my Bengali, you may please ask your “Bong Babumoshai”. They will surely get it going, though they are really very simple)

Huh…..Really, I couldn’t believe and was terrified to answer and express that I was okay and there was no specific reason of being bald , after I was interrogated, grilled and  inquired by all the various folks outside. Though, the atmosphere inside was also abnormal for few days with my grandma being irritated and criticised for the weird deed. But , I was definitely not getting the reason for this sort of craziness and buzz around me. I wasn’t getting any fun from it though.

Actually, the people have just grown from telephone to cellphones &  from dhaba to McDonalds . But their mind is still running through the rigorous superstitions, which continued from eras before. Though they believe,  but all these beliefs and thoughts have no definite proof & still it’s got them stuck to the brain. Most of us knows the reason for being bald but I had totally  a different issue. Moreover, when we were young, we were mocked off like anything after this kind of activity .

But now, everything is trending with days.

So, Just go Bold…. No need to be old.


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