No..No..No.. Its neither the TV series that came in earlier this century. Nor its about someone looking for a suitable job with worn-out shoes or one draped in grief after his Golden Lowchen has left . Looking for missing parents after a flood hitting the village or waiting for the perfect “one” for life to propel happily is also out of boundaries. Its definitely not any warrant for a serial killer :P. Its just about a life story , which is true to each of its verses. Its just that I am illiterate and downtrodden , clearly thrown at the pits of city. So , its my dear old friend who pens it down …

The day was clearly in the winters, with I as usual on the broad ,cracked pavement along the Mall Road , meeting Park Street. It was just some old filthy , torn rug across myself. Just a little water with no foods , a stick and a small bowl . The scene is almost clear to all. I could see everyday people rushing towards the church with streets being luminated and happiness covered within. But, this wasn’t for me. One needs to know before one leaps.

Raised in an orphanage, I couldn’t know my parents, feel the love and nourishment one gets through childhood, learn the basic manners of a society and obviously enjoy this human life. When I was at the doorsteps of being an adult, I was told to earn my own living. With much toiling, I managed to get into sweeping the hospital floors for many months. But, I slowly made my way into a construction site which made my life a bit better .But time changed, I proceeded to one of the pizza shoppe as the delivery boy. I was inching thirty then. Life was more or less steady and I got peace. But , peace disperses once you feel.

On a fine Wednesday, while returning home, I was suddenly met by an accident. And then just Black !! I fainted with lots of injuries all over the body. And then , when I woke up, I heard that I had lost one of my legs . No shivers , no tremors , no shocks. I had nothing so glorious in the past life . So , this was also the same.Having rest for more than a month , I started to bid adieu to the suffocation and medicines. I wanted fresh sunlight and touch of nature. On crutches, I started to find a new way of life. But possibilities were dull and dark. And finally , sitting alongside the pavement might have been my fate. This was all,how my life achieved the ultimate destination .

But that single day, made it all it costs. I have been habituated with various criticisms, harsh and filthy pieces of vocabulary and pessimism. Though I didn’t have any regrets and choices. A group of young lads , returning home from a nearby cafe, were also no exception. One guy, tall enough , quite healthy and prized possession for the future of this nation, just came up with some bread and money. He left all his other buddies , and spent some time . Really , how crazy it was ! He sketched out my life from what I replied him , after he threw innumerable queries on me. I also couldn’t withstand his politeness and devotion. Finally, he said,

” How many days more do you want to depend on these people , who don’t even look at you? “

” The day till Almighty keeps my breath running. “

“Such excuses don’t work at all in this world. The world has changed. You have to go on your feet ,else you shall be crushed. Why  don’t you come to my father’s sewing mills? “

” But sir, this isn’t possible , since crippled people are no more than a nuisance to this world “

” No more of your excuses. You have it all , which needs to be at the mill. You don’t need to run there. I hope you know that. “

I pulled out of my decision, and started my new life. I didn’t look back any more. Though we don’t believe that our destiny changes in moments, but nothing is impossible. The will to live helps to live the life ; else it’s just passing on. I don’t possess much, but I heartily pray.

May God bless that wonder kid. Hopefully, I was in search of him, I suppose.


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