It has been centuries since this planet has been the witness of religions, different subdivisions in each along with varied caste and creed. Various boundaries have given birth to many nations ; the similar in them producing innumerable States, provinces etc. So, diversity reflects in the era of mankind. The very next , usual and rational issue that pops up in one’s mind is the language- the method of exchange of ideas and communication. This is really a place to look for.

India ,itself, has a different language for each of the states present. Maybe some of them may range to three as well. So, just wonder, how many languages buzz in the whole world ! That sounds really interesting and surprising. Human beings just possess the same bones throughout the body , with just the normal ratio of the sense organs.The same tongue, lips, vocal chords produce such varied voices. But still , each one of us, flourishes differently in various parts of this world. Everyone conveys whatever one wants in the very tone, one wants.

But, voices don’t merely break the continent into nations or the nations into states. The unity, which binds us together to grow in peace and prosperity, can only be continued when everyone speaks for a unidirectional motive of developing & immuning one’s country. Everyone should think that, people themselves created various cradles since their birth. Nobody else originated them.

So, it’s just one voice- Voice of the Mankind.


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