How does it feel when one just wakes up, peeps through the panes and satiates them with waves kissing the shores ? Else, a peg of single malt Sherry Cask of the 1920’s to the one who has such fascinations. The other may ride on from Destovesky to Shaw to Rowling .Or, someone who gets the glimpses of another, everyday and wants to make those flashes turn into moments …

So, each one of us has proportions to sense beauty or find the charm in their targets. It helps them to replenish their needs so that they may flow in peace. Beauty has its own magic to mould the dead to living . Some cases, it overpowers our stability and leads to something illogical. Uncontrolled vibrancy makes us go out of track. But its definitely upto the one who visualises charm in their own way as I stated few of them in the beginning. Slowly, with time, one starts feeling the beauty , filling it’s soul’s content and gets connected like the ends of a thread.

Its obvious that beauty always holds the smiling stone to fill those dark void ditches of life but if its in disguise for something else, then the receiver is victimised. So, one should be aware and awake to grasp the pleasure of beauty and not get pricked by it’s sting. When its real, it really binds…


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