That fine sunset which was unintentionally hampered by vehement rainfall for hours, made me refuge to the ” Munna Snacks Bhandaar” ,after I could momentarily finish my scheduled shopping from stores. Actually, Munna Bhai, is one of the most celebrated names of our locality. Obviously , this one doesn’t come with a “Circuit” at his side, but has life of “Resistance”. Staying with dying poverty , to angst of local goons, his life has been ridiculously terrific. Right from the tiny tots, to the nonagenarians , all have a soft corner for him now . The love and respect that he owns , basically for his continuous trust and toil. And this saying is frequently to ears : ” Shaam ke saath sirf Munna Bhai hi chalta hai”. Its like no sunsets go better without him. Eventually, he knew me quite well , and that was the day I realized…

I was just about to get drenched in rain , when he offered me to have a shelter. He had just made few oily stuffs like samosas and that raw burnt oily smell filled the atmosphere. But , Bengalis really don’t care much when they get those spicy, delicious , mouth-watering “telebhaja” ( deep fried stuffs ). The most magical part being other castes and creed get magnetized to it as well slowly.

Initially, he made petty requests for selling some stuffs. But I rejected as I was more interested in observing him. Such swift actions of making samosas, all varieties of chops (round stuffed veg balls) , nimki( long , thin tasty Indy Fries) etc just amazing to watch. I interrogated him with various issues like how much input is given , what are his other expenses and his outcome from this job. But, slowly his ignorance proved that he was being late. But ,he had buckets with with water , blocks of coal for his chulha, small baskets of potatoes , onions, different masalas,chilies- my favourite( Being a chilly to others life and having it is really amazing ). A small radio goes with him like none. Small shaggy roofs, dripping water makes it too tough. But firm determination makes him way apart from others.

I too have a strong liking towards cooking. Most of my buddies know the fact having licking recipes when they hang-in at my home. So, he too showed me , various techniques for making them tastier . Burns and other kitchen accidents are too common to ears. Besides, the hard work, I got to learn that only smartphones & denims won’t create smiles from the heart.Because , those everliving smiles and cracking jokes doesn’t drive with money. It can come just being at the roadside as well…

Hats off!


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