What had those lives done for which they were  awarded with kicks and brutality hundreds of years back? Why were they made to roar and growl for a change ? Why did the history of this dreamland have such dark patches ? What had been the reason for such inhumanity for which several great gems of this nation had to sacrifice ?

Mind goes on somersaulting with such anxiety. One of the prime reasons are being un-united. None of them listening to others and stating their own point-of- views made a vast destruction. Not obtaining the ideal and true leadership stuck as well. Man has always innovated and fought for something when its needed most. But several times ,failure being received. For all those eminent people , who laid themselves with time and stone, makes the countrymen proud . Yet , today’s people have started losing faith.

Faith in this system of  “odd” administration, Faith for doing something constructive, Faith for being someone to proudly stand up for the nation, Faith for further improvement of our own lives, Faith in one another.

Just crap speeches, era-old patriotic songs or going on to show respect with cultures, which start scuffling the next day with their issues ,won’t be doing any good. Its better that we peep into ourselves and go on solving our issues , with no blames , no regrets and no excuses. Most think its easy enough, though its not. Nobody can make a change. Its how you can change yourself so that one day this nation can be proud for you too.






Jai Hind


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