MUMTAZ – Verses Of My Beloved

Some letters, small bouquets,romantic tunes rising to pendants,rings or a long ride on a Lamborghini has been common for people, whether rich or poor, to express their tenderness & cupidity , throughout ages. But making a white marble mausoleum for the beloved wife , after her death, may not be repeated in history. Yeah, its the eminent Taj Mahal (“The Crown of Palaces”) ,which was constructed to house the tomb of Mumtaz Mahal, by her husband Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan.

Arjumand Banu Begum was the third wife of Shah Jahan , son of Jahangir . Mumtaz Mahal ( The Jewel Of The Palace) was a nickname gifted to her , by her husband .Its one of the prime love stories that occupies the pages of history till date. The way , Mumtaz Mahal supported Shah Jahan & accompanied him in the different military campaigns, proved the world of their intimacy and dedication. They respected each other much .


Born in Agra, in April 1593  to the Persian Noble Abdul Hasan Asaf Khan, brother of Nur Jahan ( Empress of Mughal Emperor Jahangir) , Mumtaz fell in love to her cousin Shah Jahan , at 19. Thereafter she married and became the third & favourite wife of the Emperor. They were married for 19 long years having 13 children . Seven of them died at a very young age. Dara Shikoh, Murad, Aurangzeb were some of the well known faces of her children.


But , rising through all ups and downs , unfortunately, she died on June 17, 1631 ,in Burhanpur ( Now in Madhya Pradesh) during the birth of their fourteenth child Gauhara Begum. The cause being unclear, was Postpartum Hemorrhage which resulted a lot of blood-loss. Emperor was really in grief and totally heartbroken.


Most of the historians believe in a popular story regarding her death. When she was laid on her deathbed at Zainabad, her last wish to the Emperor was to build a “symbol” to their love. Another wish to her husband was ,not to marry anyone else. Thus, Shah Jahan commissioned this beautiful mausoleum and buried her body in The Taj Mahal , a Wonder of the World. Many of us believe that the Emperor ordered to chop off the hands of the innumerable labourers , who helped in constructing this gem of the world, so that none can resemble it.

Everyone in this world , may not be able, to keep the soul of his dear one in a grand mausoleum , but many of us can have the true dedication , trust & respect towards one another. Its solely being soulful…

An ode to the royal true-love…


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