“Was that real which crossed my eyes ?

Was that conveyed under pugnacious spirits ?

Didn’t it ever cross the heart if it at all belonged ?

How could that be presented to someone who’s always been so devoted ?

Was that at all deserved ? ”

Thoughts , queries, variations  hustling in mind after I read those few last lines. You know thunders aren’t expected anytime . They just come and vanish you blindly. Secondly , thunders don’t come alone… storms too create havoc. Similarly,  I was wrecked from my eyes to the inner self . Void emotions to impracticality ran through the pores of brain. Times really give you luck-hug but I wasn’t aware that it can hit back damn bad.

Surprised to shock

Wet eyes went block

Ceased mind

Impossible to rewind

Numb fingers To Dumb Face

Heartbeats on the chase

Crumbled in agony

Incurable with money

Destiny knocking the door

With hopes no more

A last wish

To play the  old  ;

Wherever it turns

Won’t let it sway…

That moment kept me undefined ; undetermined to make the possibilities turn good. Rather , it was nothing for the one who made the victim out of an innocent. Some unjust stubbornness made it soar and swelling. Sentiments went along to take a dip…

That one day was nothing more than a nightmare.

But , days turn

May be good or bad ….



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