That day was yet another Tuesday with whiskers of rain , turning fortunes to fate for many. I just finished my breakfast and was informed that I would be heading for an interview .

Credits for sure- yeah… I just risked it & rocked it all the way, to beat all those machos in the industry & finally receive the “The Best Actor In A Supporting Role ” at The BAFTA for my part of Borge Johansson in the renowned Action Blockbuster “GRAVES”. Actually, I got three to four nominations from else where too. But the most amazing part of it being I , Ian GreGory ,an 84 years multi-critic , Pacino- maniac ,Schizophrenic with mind retention problem,finally steals the heart of all by his wit & craziness.

So it started…

Those media people were like same typical , stereotypes & with same old grilling ; simply crap !! Asking my views & concerns on those bullshit stuff about who’s went to scandalism to vandalism to  those giving a tough punch at the industry to who’s got pregnant !!! The press conference was meant for me and not the paparazzi! I just freakingly said on their face, ” Stop this at once , I am no Google’s pet Robot GoLo. ” 

Weeks later , few small kids , presented me a wonderful portrait of mine, standing flawless with that award. I was amazed and shared some fun moments with them having brownies on my terrace. It was real fun going back to the olden days .Hmm.. I wasn’t restricted from brownies though 😉  Suddenly, one of them asked me, ” Grandie , what is the favorite present you have ever got  ? ”

People used to love me …So , nicknames were damn common .I was weak at memory and looking at the sketch , I went numerous years back at 20. I too used to get such paintings, handicrafts and lots of presents on various occasions . But , the mind always looked for that essence , beauty, which it used to find in her sketches so living & the bubbly puppets so good . She was… Her name … Ohh No !! Still I couldn’t trace it out with my age not letting to ; unappealing , unappropriate.

Moments passed heavily.It was such strangled destiny that I failed in keeping the most precious award I had ever received- her melodies. Echoes of it still ringing somewhere inside the soul.Eyes went wet. Nerves unstable…

Another child asked satirically ,” Are you waiting for the Sunset ?

Do you remember what was it ? “

I was silent .

But I asked her then ,” what’s your name, lovely doll ? ”

She replied ,” Sylvia “.


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