An Indian , by birth.

Grew up in the interiors, of Jharkhand.

But it’s pathetic to say these right now.

Disappointed to say that it taught me to be a human being of the society & stand for the nation , along with hundreds like me but there are some nuts which should be just blown away…

Years back , I was informed about an incident, rather say accident, which I thought could be very influential to all my folks glancing it. So , this is it in a nutshell.

A girl was all good at 18. But one day,  she was threatened by some for the reason being she was arrogant . They told that they would be teaching her a lesson… ( Maybe this is one of the worst lessons anyone ever goes through ). The father complained to their families for being such aggressive .

Later one night , those three rascals made their way to her home and attacked her with chemical acids . What the hell was it !!! I am arrogant , adamant , insane and rude at times but that doesn’t mean I shall be mocked off with acids. Really , it sucks !!! Finally, her face was completely disfigured with loads of money spent for treatment. But was in vain.

Complaints to police, and other predefined duties , what normally a father does , was over . But still , there was bail for them. The government just gave assistances to assurances. What can it do else then ..huh. None can really depend an inch on them . Finally , she was offered employment at a governmental agency . But she got into limelight when she won a huge sum of money at one of the prestigious quiz show of the country . Slowly, she was stable to lead a life with much difficulties.

Could anyone have realized that a moment as harsh as nothing would change her to the worst !! It was really shameful , unbearable, too rude. Most of them would have broken down being demoralized. But time is up to keep suffering . Malala has been a great inspiration for the whole world what females are capable of. Finally, this girl is too leading a fine life. She’s not afraid of anyone. Rather she’s famous. Hats Off !

The thinking of Social taboo, bad omen, and hypothetical thoughts should just be left to hell. Some people are definitely there to take care and have concerns for such unwanted-victimised citizens. 

Yet those scars won’t fade away from her destiny this life. HOPE …HOPE & HOPE .


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