The Eden Gardens : My First Gallery Galore

The day started on a much strangled note. More confusion , strange silence & bit of arguments were just accompanying me on the exam table along with my partner. Time shortage mixed with nail-bites was common. I had that confidence to make it through.

Later in the day, I was in utter surprise as I was offered to witness  a cricket match at The Eden Gardens , in The City of Joy. Basically, a cricket bug won’t have any illusion of whether it is any ancient garden but for the others, let me clarify that it’s the biggest cricket stadium in Asia. Heaven-kissing dreams of getting the over-boundary ball or a selfie with A.B.D or an autograph from M.S.D were going through( The world sings their abbreviations 😉 ). So, I got ready for it with my binoculars and kicked off for the stadium.

I guessed that the journey would be a hectic and tideous one collaborated with traffic jam and one-ways . And I was proved right. Somehow , on reaching the Stadium Arena , eyes were shell-shocked. “Is baar , Dhoni waar ” , “India , India ” were all such slogans used by innumerable spectators on the way towards the gates. The floodlights were distant & bright enough to make the moment lively.  I was really on the seventh heaven !!!

Owing to security issues, we  were checked thrice & then finally , we checked-in our block. Getting a perfect seat , just yards away from the boundary line, I was super-excited. Highlights of previous matches were displayed on the electronic screens. High security kept the overflowing fans under control. The play was yet to start but we enjoyed the atmosphere a lot. Dad shared some past experiences and we had a nice time.

But moments don’t stay for long. It was displayed that ,”Due to wet conditions , match delayed. Next inspection at 7:30 ” . & I was like “Oh , no “. Waiting for an hour was damn odd. I was being impatient . I went to the food corner & they were literally making the purses thin. Every item was double it’s price. But, people didnt care. Cokes, Burgers , Pizzas were flying out fast . Everyone growled to see flashes of Sourav Ganguly on screen. 

Yet there was indecision. Crowd became ignorant. The ground staff were helpless & the umpires couldnt get any solution. The players were busy with soccer to keep them charged. Having seen M.S.D on field , there was continuous cheering. It was being late and the decision taken by umpires after an hour , was to wait for further more. ” Oh shittt….”,I just couldn’t bear any more . It was tending two hours since we were warming the seats and only watching the co-spectators. But the ground conditions were still uncomfortable. It was dejecting and really disgusting.

Waiting for few more seconds , would have been sheer foolishness. We walked out and got on to a metro to reach the destination without much effort. It was really tough for me consoling myself after missing the actual show of the two teams India & South Africa. Nevertheless , the experience mattered most…

Void signs of unfulfillment kept flowing.


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