Childhood seemed to be just another day when the days were blunt. All day , with the strangles of life being quite similar when four  -unsolved mathematics puzzles , peculiar meanings of literature , strange faces of the movies to football-frenzy , overflowing affection towards Tom & Jerry & love for brownies. All seemed to be so transparent . Days had gone so living ; so candid.

Yet something was so significant that it had never left the pages of my biography- my mom’s melodies.

“Though listening to songs was more of rhymes, jingles & carols, but the long , shrilled tone from the verandah or the smoky kitchen in the winter, was bit treacherous to me. Being a tiny-tot , it was more of some light faint music from the verandah as such peculiar bengali words wasn’t easy to comprehend. Mornings went with some saint-inherited godly tunes whizzing past my ears .

Watering the herbs wasn’t a place where she could resist her vocal cords. Walking along the alley beside the hedges, past the sunset was the favourite moment when she used to make herself miscible in the voices of the wind. But , since I was busy playing round the field, it really didn’t matter to me.”, I said to her.”And it was so silly .”,she replied.”Yeah, it feels now”, said I.

Taking a round across the Midland Park Arena in Manhattan , the air had the perfect smell and it was so enticing for me to give it another chance to make those flashes permanent.”Yeah , it truly builds in the sense of repentance now , for what was an act of ignorance & non-consideration. Days made me think as I grew up, that those melodies which were so unfriendly , suddenly had turned my best friends. Mom used to give it a perfect blend when I was down with grief and needed much motivation. My exhaustion seemed to just fly away when I  accompanied her in the songs I knew. It was a blessing that I too felt the magic of what songs can do & completely fell in love with it.”, I paused.

She was lost in something. I guess I knew the reason.”Huhh… I am done. No more rounds today , darling “. And I took a place on the cold benches of November. Long after my wife lost one of her legs in an accident, it wasn’t easy for me to make it going through. But , I had enough patience to get me done. These days, she being little better, I often take her to the Midland Park around six , to get a touch of the sunset, a feel of outdoors , some smiling playing kids & lots of cherishing memories. Even though , she’s fighting life, yet she knows my fondness . Eventually , she also has a wonderful soul-filling musical tone, mesmerizing myself, making my memories turn moments. And she really presents me those precious gifts whenever she feels like- its damn priceless .


Some where around, I believe that clock’s took a round turn and the past possessed such a magnificent reflection. I , being still glowing at heart at eighty-two , don’t wish for more . What she does being paralyzed , is far more engrossing  than anything else. I truly wonder what comes from my side !!!

Yet , somewhere I get to feel my Mom fly around and blessing from heaven- getting that old verandah, those evergreen herbs…



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