I didn’t realise that the scene would be such dreadful. Its been days for now, since we last received -rather say captured , ounces of water. Yeah !! Since , the drought hit the plains this summer , water levels has dropped to alarming levels .Obviously, brothers, sisters, uncles , friends ,had all turned foes. Water rivalry had made a worse impact in the minds of people.

This had been the main reason for the cultivation of numerous diseases ,owing to many deaths. Alas !My brother,too broke his way to heaven when doctors couldn’t continue his treatment in the Municipal Hospital , due to water shortage.

I was damn upset…

Everyday, I could just save few mugs for kids & it was like “I did my day”. But my stores have declined. And I am helpless,now. The moment doesn’t let me live the daylight. Slowly, starvation also made its way. Crops were demolished in this havoc. Farmers from all over the zone, were ruined . Their lifestyle compelled them to take notorious ways , which resulted in thefts, burglary, with murders being toy-play. Factories remained just trash bins as nothing was productive. Several workers lost their jobs- they are hapless creatures wandering here and there. Innumerable had lost their homes, their relatives, near & dear ones- it also took my wife away from me, forever.

It wasn’t the end. Along with me, the kids had also started starving. I just couldn’t bear it any more. My patience crossed boundaries! I cursed the forefathers , for all their deeds . I guess , circumstances would have been better if there was some kind of awareness then.

“Hey , are you done ? Is it warm enough to have a nice shower ?”, my mom interrupted.

The warm water had just filled in to its neck, when I ceased it. “Yeah , I am fine with it. Thanks Mumma.”,I said.

I could see all those flashes ,clear & permanent. The fear has slowly crept in. The clear water revealed its beauty in portraying the future. The generations coming next has a really tough time , which we neither care nor understand. I don’t think anyone would surpass that curse – the curse that would make our civilization , the mankind ,stand guilty of everything.

Neck-filled was still good enough to earn respect rather than wasting the inexpensive , & be blasphemous.

Still there is time. Hopes won’t leave us.

So, can’t we pave the future for something good ?


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