Daddy’s Day Out

dad 1

Yeah… The long irresistible days are over. Its been two days since daddy is at home-not owing to illness, holidays or Work from home. The firm reality being he bade adieu to “sphere” of service finally. Satirically,mom’s countdown had started long back from a year to month ,going to week and the last day. She was happy too, getting back someone, for a gossip, over a cup of tea.

The schedule was undoubtedly tiring and hectic. Eight hours of office and then sleep was obvious. But sleep-hunters such as ailing grand-mom, residential issues, pending bills, journey-cancellation procedures , helping me with the steering wheel, it was impossible for a fresh morning the next day. Yet, its definitely the moment , to cherish & thank the almighty for making this journey successful.

Though he’s never lazy, still he wants to rest- a rest that will again , re-energize him for doing something new, doing what he loves, doing what some one has rarely thought. I , seldom taunted him to join a new corporate or advising agency. But , I am in vain . He told me,” Money is a need, but not the only need. Just take a look at your mom. Dawn and dusk doesn’t mean any boundary for her. Whatever she does , she innovates herself ,with much betterment. You just can’t dream of this atmosphere -so vivid and candid. But ,neither she gets any money nor she hopes any. Yet she earns enormous respect and appreciation from everyone. Sometimes, I, too envy her for that :p Nevertheless, I am really proud”.

A quite smile emerged in both of us.

He just made his way outside for the evening walk as usual.

The dusk had set in , holding the horizon to its brink. Though it silently concludes the day without one’s notice,bringing the night ,which blooms so bright as well.

Time swept fast & this elderliness , too knocked the door leaving my dad into these happy declining years…

Thanks DAD.



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