Leave “Smoking”or …..”Life”

“When life gives you an opportunity, never miss it.”– Each activity of ours is a consequence of this. Smoking is no exception as well. You get the moment, the perfect conditions and you perform. It has entered this human life way back in the late fifteenth century. Definitely , along with mankind, the sources , effects and uses of tobacco has evolved through the ages. It’s been rather a fashion and style statement -better say , the passport for being cool. And, this passport certainly lands you in the “Valley of Death”. Yeah, being addictive to smoking  is one of the worst relations you make, offering you life-long battle & betrayal.

Peer pressure has been one of the vital reasons, besides pleasure, depression and stress control, addiction etc. Watching things shall definitely induce the same urge in oneself. So, the youth starts to experiment the pros and cons of each butt. With days, this experiment turns into a scheduled activity. As a part of this youth brigade, I feel , there needs to be a serious change sooner. Wherever you go, you would be lucky enough to find a smoker. Damn luck! It’s so petrifying and it feels horrible for a non-smoker to helplessly inhale those poisonous chunks.

The man has innovated ,invented and acted upon various ways to curb this deadly habit. Right from counseling camps, advertising in newspapers, social media, television and what not! Different states in India have banned “tobacco products” strictly. Every other movie cautions its audiences right away at the start ! Though, different steps have reduced smoking and made people aware of the urge to smoke, yet, somewhere , loopholes still exist. Every child gets to read the proverb ” Smoking is injurious to health” from his childhood textbooks, gets to know that his favorite superstar spreads the same word of awareness , yet commits the same crime with other fellow criminals.

I have some altogether different thoughts regarding the whole issue. With days, smoking has been expensive too. So, what’s so cool in consuming something , which adversely affects us and dooms this precious life. Rather than wasting  money on smoking and again on the long list of medicines( which is a proved long term after-effect), it’s wise to invest on expensive apparels, gifts, shoes , gadgets and so on.I find it useless to invest on things which won’t give me long-term benefits. It’s worth to get appreciation and respect by your deeds, rather being an idol of addiction and get cursed for it.

To mention about cancer and the ill-effects of smoking have been quite an old story.Mannerisms and the thought process of human beings need to change. We need to get motivated and inspired, to achieve what we have dreamt and contribute to the country  in various ways possible. So, grill your life with new targets and enjoy the most out of it , but refrain from smoking .

 Live Life, Not Tobacco.

(This post is dedicated for the #WorldNoTobaccoDay initiative, by Kolkata Bloggers and MANT. Aiming for a healthier tomorrow!)


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