“Noh…Muro Amro Na lobresdo. Mino Ilah Mata, Ulf Gagantua!”– said the eminent Eldar and then the whole body burst into sprinkles of water. Those were the last few verses spoken by him. The whole universe adored him like their own great grandpa. Initially, I had some different notion in my mind, altogether. Since I was way more sceptic and rational, I didn’t believe those utter nonsense mysteries about Eldar. He was just another guy for me. But, when Lezo, one of my Dorcell friend, talked about different myths related to Eldar, I was slowly being into the hypothetical maze of his fondness. This planet is mainly inhabited by Dorcells, and few groups of Kipitos. The most amazing thing about all of them is, they maintain a very cordial relationship among themselves. There’s peace everywhere.
Lezo often used to tell me that Eldar was one of the first Dorcell species on this body. He was the oldest and the eldest of his kind, living and saving the planet for the last 848 years. Yeah!! 848 years! That was much more than you could ever dream. I was still in a shock! Such a long and enduring journey was really commendable. Lezo made me aware of the extraordinary capabilities of him. He could control each and every source of light. His eyes were magical with great hypnotising powers. That was the main reason nobody played any sort of mind games with him. But something which always astonished was his charm and style in his words. Whenever someone used to ask him for his advice, they never returned empty handed. Although, his past was totally different.
Born in the lunar year of Porsky, Eldar was highly powerful and invincible during the early stages of life. He had a huge robotic army, who were at his fingertips. He used to destroy everyone who crossed his way. He was just more than a beast-incarnated. His demolitions continued and none were able to live. One day, all of a sudden, Stan, the creator of the Dorcell community, ordered him to mend his ways or else he would curse him with immense hardship. But, still, Eldar was negligent about his activities. And then, this was sure to happen.


Right from the very next day, he slowly lost all his extraordinary and invincible skills. And he was cursed to live for all those poor Dorcells, whom he killed voraciously. This was the major turning point in his life. I hope, this was the sole reason for his long, tough and tragic tenure. He slowly transformed himself and followed the principles of peace, brotherhood and harmony. Hence, the whole universe was again a blooming beauty.
Eldar had to pass several centuries after centuries and see his close friends and dear ones pass by. His age slowly turned to a burden for him. He was upset and he realized his past disgraceful achievements. And from then onwards, he started teaching and sharing knowledge.

Initially, nobody paid any heed to it. But, when people understood that he was special and different from the rest, they changed their mind slowly. He distributed grains, syrups and all that he could. He started training Kipitos – art of artillery since the Kipitos were born with immense strength and will power. With the help of his guidance and different ultra-modern weapons, fireballs, splinters and metal splash, he recreated a huge powerful army- but this time their motto was “Ho Mavien Ho Victrio” meaning “For the people, we fight”. This wasn’t the same cruel, rude and enraged Eldar anymore.
But still, I was in doubt and upset of not understanding those last few words what he had said. When I asked Lezo about it, he didn’t tell me. But after lot of persuading and coaxing, he said that Eldar couldn’t bear any more pain in his life. So, he warned all the present and upcoming generations that evil deeds do not present you happiness, peace or friends rather it betrays the sole reason to live and that life is worth dying. He hoped nobody would resemble any of his deeds in future.

An eternal peace at the end of it all.
I could have never understood such an amazing language if I didn’t have my recently developed AI-controlled NLP transistor-cum-transmitter. And thanks to our spaceship, which got hampered due to leakage.
“Hey, Markie, What’s about it? You there? Mark?”
“Oh No!!!! 404040440 Connection Problem”


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