Its past evening. Slowly, the winter breeze creeps in, making sleeves go long. A wonderful hot cup of coffee made every bit of irritation fly away.

A swift glance at the calendar reminded me a lot of things. I just thought to share a few with all of you, lovely people.

Resolutions, hopes, beliefs , “future plans”….all comes to the end.

We are on the verge of publishing the year 2016 on our history books. Nevertheless, it was eventful for many. But, the world’s a dynamic stage with every instant being a play of its own. Who knew that so many people would kiss the heavens at the end of this year! Only HIM! Lessons were learnt from wrongdoings and & the rest was appreciable.

But dear people, if the year was just a cake walk for you , then you need to walk innumerable miles sooner. For those who toiled hard and tolerated all those sleepless nights and gloomy mornings, they would get plenty stuffs to boil and bake in their favor gradually.

The year has already unfolded its last chapter-December. ‘Caps’ have started busy preparing for the double fun. Hot coffee , baked chicken wings by the side of a bonfire and finally ” Cheers” as we say. It certainly sounds true ! Lucky Caps ! The year has gifted me few incredible moments, some amazing people, and lastly those unending hours of tension and unstability.

My trek to Sandakphu(Darjeeling) had been the showstopper of the year-long show. Fitness always boosted me throughout. Besides some academical research , I also learnt driving. Cooking and experimenting in my oven was obvious as I was very passionate about it. Finally, this year too , I wasn’t affected by dengue and Facebook! Yet, cafe hangouts were a must.

Hmm…. I can smell 2017 now. Its got something much more unique and exciting for all of us. Its going to be truly important for many people like me. Either make it or break it . While some would start a fresh page with positive and enriching vibes, some would be busy completing the previous on a happy note. But do we really get that inner joy and jolly? Maybe yes, Maybe no, ……….Maybe Can’t say.

Lets be patient. And wait for what it has in store for us .

A very Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!


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