Make It Count

Hey Guys!!!

The new year has been a month old. And I hope, all of you had an amazing kick-start to the year. Yeah, lots of plans , new targets to achieve , unique goals, different relations , old stories….. All these will definitely be a part as always. But, I have thought of something different – a different take to living life. That’s why, I thought to share  it with you, lovely people.

Most of you may have thought how I was so late in penning down my first post of the year. Well, it was so, because I was trying something new and exciting. Since childhood, the shy and dry kinda person in me, made me remain under the shell. But as you know, to have the almond, you need to break the shell and go beyond it. Something similar happened to me. The decision to lead a team, was something out of my comfort zone and totally unknown to me. There was some pitch of confusion and fear , crossing my head a couple of times but it didn’t bother me too much. I was exhilarated.

Exams had just ended. It was just ten days to the submission deadline of the prestigious national level competition. Some quick but honest decisions, distribution of the entire work according to the forte of the teammates, building up the co-ordination, boosting them with encouragement and keeping them in track with the time and finally, leading from the front, made it totally possible. The final presentation was so damn impressive and promising that even I didn’t expect it to be. Definitely, it was the contribution of each one of us that mattered the most.


Summing up the whole thing, I realized that:

  • I had the skills to be a good leader.
  • My confidence didn’t betray me throughout the journey.
  • I was never left alone. Thanks to my “HAND”.
  • Aggression never works profitably. So, you need to maintain your calm.
  • Finally, its never a one-man show. So, managing the group and giving proper importance to each one’s point of view is the thumb rule.

You must be wondering what my “HAND” signified.  I had five members in my team, who were having different skill sets. Their thought process and way of working wasn’t similar either. But, the fact being all of them being friends, was a huge advantage. It was quite similar to the fingers, which were familiar and unique and when clenched to a fist, it punches really well šŸ˜‰.

It was definitely one of the finest experiences, when I recall it now.

Indeed, my new year had a great start, with me discovering a whole new shade of myself.  Leadership is one of the key qualities which one should possess in order to fly high. I’d rather suggest all of you to try new things, and go for those new endeavours , which makes you more mature in person; a better person. Even I had null knowledge about me representing the team from my institute, but now, it feels awesome to lead the pack. Responsibilities do require the coolest nerves and the toughest minds to perform it under the most critical and adverse situations, but its an asset which people rarely possess.

Get Inspired by everyone………But Follow no one! Because the World needs more Leaders And less Followers.


Wishing you all the luck and love for the year to achieve.

Make it count in the decades to come!



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