Doorstep Diaries

When we thought about the same, we didn’t get that much of courage. But, Baba( meaning ‘Dad’) helped us to go with the flow. I had always a wish to sketch the life stories of people, not superstars. The people who take me to the hospital when I am totally unconscious, the people who risk their lives and reach out to us within some speculated time, only to deliver our tongue-licking foods, the people who share so many stories of mankind in those wonderful books and much more. Stars don’t make a place in any of them. Except “Entertainment x   3″!

These commoners often play a crucial role in the lives of thousands of people. Their status and lifestyle won’t be that high as the celebrities and millionaires. Neither, they have Swiss bank accounts or fly on private jets to Singapore! But, they never fail in doing their duties and keeping up to their goodwill. They have always created a positive impact throughout these years and it’s still on the roll; at least for me.That’s the sole reason why I really admire them, and definitely, they are also human beings. They do deserve respect from all of us. They are someone’s sister, mother, daughter, son, husband or father too. So, my much awaited thought finally changes to reality. This makes way for the Doorstep Diaries.

Hope you guys like it when you go through those tough yet exciting stories, from their daily stubborn lives. Most of them, who I had met, even didn’t know English. So, I helped them with whatever I could.

The smile you feel, but refuse to show up on getting the rose; the laughter you get after finishing the last punchline of that evergreen comedy you wished to read for long; the “it’s so yummy” feeling after grabbing the last bite; the lovely feeling of relief when you reach the marriage party on time even after mom’s long makeup saga😋: they better be not comparable to money. Because, money can be as black as coal, but these feelings would capture your heart, for that glimpse of time.

Keep spreading Love.

See You Soon…


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