The Stimuli

“Doorstep Diaries” didn’t get the perfect runaway. So, it’s yet to fly high. But there’s a reason behind. Fatigue still didn’t leave me. She’s much closer than my valentine! The last few days have been dull, annoying and frustrating! I had been ill, down with tremendous fever and prolonged body pain for days; totally broken- physically &…..( you can frame out yourself, right😫). My boundaries had been limited to those four-odd corners of my room. The only thing that kept changing was the newspaper. Neither I had the strength to pull up myself, nor I was able to sleep unconditionally. So, I chose a way to eliminate this madness.

BBNs had come to a halt! WhatsMine was being on some textual curfew( sounds foolish but true)! Except few warming ‘GWSoon’s & ‘Take Care’s, nothing existed. Actually, you know what- a running nose, the cold cup of tea, old rotten bulletins and playing abrupt chords irritates me like hell! Finally, I got rid of all this nuisance when few books and cartoon shows came to my rescue. 

Laugh. Wonder. Think. Recapitulate.

Reading stuff & listening to common people, orators, friends, rivals, has helped me in many ways. I gained a lot of knowledge about which, I absolutely had no idea.They are real and unhyped by the media. But, flipping the coin, there’s something which all of us need to understand. People are contented with good; that’s why they don’t achieve greatness. Even I am on the same tray like all of you. We often try to achieve certain goals, certain results, which proves our credibility. But, do we need to?

Numerous people have been chasing their goals like nomads. But, I don’t need to prove anything to anyone. Even scientific theorems creep in with flaws in the long run.Those awards for being the ‘most intellectual’ techie or the ‘Young Entrepreneur Talent’ or some ‘Star of the Month’ are just bullshit. Maybe it makes you worthy in front of eyes, but definitely not at heart. You can relate to this gradually. 

I was listening to a battalion’s lifestyle, and it seemed pretty strange and unheard. The moment, when I am running after some achievement, there is someone running to stop the cross-firing at the borders. Years along, they keep us away from all hindrance and infringement. They are sole providers of peace. They imbibe the saying- “Live each day as the Last day. That’s when you get the perfect essence of life.” Nowadays, even the floods and earthquakes are counter attacked by our soldiers; sharing food, water and clothes to the affected. Yeah, they are kinda superhumans!

So, should we like give them awards and stuff? Definitely, few chosen ones are privileged to get those highly dignified honours- living or dead. But, most of them don’t. Nor, they complain. They guard the country, the people, the culture and traditions. The only intention that flows in their veins is that they need to protect the ones, who depend on them. Basically, there’s no award that substitutes the honour & respect, which they receive from our million hearts.  When life and death be like the sine waves, you don’t know how long the graph would be! And this is how they have been serving their motherland for decades, selflessly.

It gives me immense pride to say, that these people don’t need to write essays or give extempore speeches on patriotism. Rather, what they do every day, is far beyond our thoughts. Salute to those who have kissed the paradise and the ones who are on their way to drilling grounds🙏.

Huh, feeling much stronger now.

So, Reign Hearts Not Laurels. Since you need not live for it!


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