Holi Hai !

January …Nope. February… Close. March…Finally!

March is quite synonymous with the spice and tides of life. Like, if I take myself as an example, I have a lot to cherish and less to perish. Years till high school, March used to be the prime time for annual results. The joy for those peak-high scores always crossed the mind. But, as the days kept closer, some kind of anxiousness and disturbance crept in. Less sleep, backtracking Maths papers, silly mistakes in chemical equations, and those plant cell diagrams! Huh…. they all contributed to my nightmares 😖.

But, finally those report cards spoke with optimism.

Peace, indeed.

I used to eagerly wait for those new set of books with an impressing essence, those wonderful set of notebooks, pencil boxes, colour pencils, sketch pens and what not! It used to happen often. New books were always mesmerising to read. Or at least, pass time wondering at the pictures. Since I comprehended what “notes” meant, the books had the least effect, whether old or new. Rather, old ones were matured enough to save time. Gradually, years passed away. Hairstyles got the new swag. And now, books are just “the ingredients of the library to cook up stuff and then vomit out the whole thing on the answer sheets, if not properly digested” as my lab partner says.

The rest depends on a single click.

March had seen many phases of this kind. Some happy, Some not. Some memorable, some catastrophic. But one particular thing didn’t change like the Planck’s constant. It’s simple and sober, creating smiles, replicating happiness. It’s Holi.

Holi in childhood seemed to me like the most dreadful day. I was too afraid of colours and those ghostly looks, chasing you like a Brahma bull with buckets, water balloons, and …. the list is terrible. We ended up in that big water reservoir beside the primary school in our colony. There were no such rules. But the aim was not to leave anyone dry & dead. It may look terrible and disgusting for those who hide in their study room or look for a place in the rooftop. But there’s so much love, affection, thrill and madness in the whole festival fiesta. The elders had their own groups, the young ones were dancing to their own tunes. The cute girls had some gang-theory. And whenever they found few innocent ones like us roaming clean, they went hunting for us madly. Soft hands, not so soft! Hahaha… Few families greeted with sweets, a huge variety of snacks, drinks etc. All so jolly.

The most amusing faces with those abrupt smiles; water splashes; patches of colours amplifying the beauty. Pink, yellow, green, red …


The black faces had just two white eyeballs, which were deprived of playing Holi. Even the calves, bulls, dogs were no exception. But that’s a nasty part of the whole story. Poor animals, pet and wild shouldn’t be an option for this sort of entertainment. It doesn’t suit them at all. I request folks to prevent such foul-playing since the festival is meant for us and not those creatures. So, keep it close to you.

Argh!!!! It’s time for me to join the bunch. They are patiently waiting for me with a handful of colours. Time to get drenched! Play safe but don’t fear because there’s no excuse😋.

Bura na mano….. Holi Hai!


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