Say “Cheeeeese”

Didn’t know what it was,what it intended to create. I had seen many pictures-sketched, embedded or sculptured as a piece of stone art. But when I saw the first photograph, a black & white one, from the eighty’s , it was amazing. How easily one grabs the emotions and smiles into something real & proven! … More Say “Cheeeeese”

Daddy’s Day Out

Yeah… The long irresistible days are over. Its been two days since daddy is at home-not owing to illness, holidays or Work from home. The firm reality being he bade adieu to “sphere” of service finally. Satirically,


Childhood seemed to be just another day when the days were blunt. All day , with the strangles of life being quite similar when four  -unsolved mathematics puzzles , peculiar meanings of literature , strange faces of the movies to football-frenzy , overflowing affection towards Tom & Jerry & love for brownies. All seemed to … More Melodies…rewinded