The Stimuli

“Doorstep Diaries” didn’t get the perfect runaway. So, it’s yet to fly high. But there’s a reason behind. Fatigue still didn’t leave me. She’s much closer than my valentine! The last few days have been dull, annoying and frustrating! I had been ill, down with tremendous fever and prolonged body pain for days; totally broken- … More The Stimuli

Doorstep Diaries

When we thought about the same, we didn’t get that much of courage. But, Baba( meaning ‘Dad’) helped us to go with the flow. I had always a wish to sketch the life stories of people, not superstars. The people who take me to the hospital when I am totally unconscious, the people who risk … More Doorstep Diaries

Make It Count

Hey Guys!!! The new year has been a month old. And I hope, all of you had an amazing kick-start to the year. Yeah, lots of plans , new targets to achieve , unique goals, different relations , old stories….. All these will definitely be a part as always. But, I have thought of something … More Make It Count


Its past evening. Slowly, the winter breeze creeps in, making sleeves go long. A wonderful hot cup of coffee made every bit of irritation fly away. A swift glance at the calendar reminded me a lot of things. I just thought to share a few with all of you, lovely people. Resolutions, hopes, beliefs , … More WRAP UP!


“Noh…Muro Amro Na lobresdo. Mino Ilah Mata, Ulf Gagantua!”– said the eminent Eldar and then the whole body burst into sprinkles of water. Those were the last few verses spoken by him. The whole universe adored him like their own great grandpa. Initially, I had some different notion in my mind, altogether. Since I was … More HO MAVIEN HO VICTRIO

Good Over Evil

Today is Maha Ashtami-the eighth day of Navratri. This day, being one of the most auspicious days of  the long Durga Puja, is special for a lot of reasons to everyone. The serpentine-long queue, waiting impatiently, out there. Brothers, sisters, couples, “just good friends”, the family of three with that cute kid, constantly wanting one … More Good Over Evil

Say “Cheeeeese”

I had no idea what it was. I had seen many pictures- sketched, embedded or sculptured as a piece of stone art. But when I saw the first photograph, I was nine. It was a black & white one, from the seventy’s. Indeed, it was so descriptive. How easily one grabs the human emotions into … More Say “Cheeeeese”