Count to Ten

Pause this moment, take a step backA few deep breaths, while circumstances to reflect;Realize the mystery of those ten seconds.But does it set the desired balance between right and left? All of you might reason me, tag me to be too polite;Losing even that pinch of the day, being the usual vociferous critic-Still, waiting to … Continue reading Count to Ten

Empathy: A trait that’s often overlooked

I often find people stating their point-of-view and trying to go the extra mile, proving himself/herself to be naive and true. While this quality often seems to be obvious, it eclipses another major characteristic of human being- empathy. While The Cambridge Dictionary hails the word as: I believe people's thought process and conditioning don't pay … Continue reading Empathy: A trait that’s often overlooked

Lockdown Shorts: Think Thrice

As an Indian, mostly, our point-of-view lies on the below-par quantification of the parameters, we indulge in. We often go for cheaper options. Well, I'm not being in favor of or against it, I'm amazed by the strategy, we get lured by. Let's say, our favorite Zomato pro was featured at 800 bucks for a … Continue reading Lockdown Shorts: Think Thrice

Lockdown Shorts: শেষ চিঠি

The last letter sent to Adwitiya from Shubho has this pinch of incompleteness. While Shubho thought of meeting her during this pandemic, he isn't aware that Adwitiya had passed away few days back, falling prey to this deadly virus. Hence, the title শেষ চিঠি ( The last letter).

Lockdown Shorts: Why I am

I often happen to be the "thought boy"- someone who'd like to check on the thoughts and channelize them in a way to get something out of it. Let's say writing for that case. During my high school, I hated any sort of writing, sketching drafts, 60 seconds tale and so on. Hereby, as I … Continue reading Lockdown Shorts: Why I am