Listening to those thunders was always scary Though they gift us much more To those unending showers, I watch I lack the ache and the sour. Soothing as it looks The more it gets with the hot mug beside; Those long hours of calmness With no chaos and notifications reside. Mud pools, paper boats, and … More Tranquility

Dribbling Past

The dawn creates a new beginning- a beginning which is welcomed with a lot of energy, faith and bliss. Yet, those nights of terror, fear and hatred was still afresh in the mind and heart of that kid. Sorry- not a kid anymore, though! Childhood had been entirely massacred by the Yugoslavian war and the … More Dribbling Past

Strolling Forward

While I still look forward to The same thirst & hunger as before; The same unrest flows through Those veins more and more. Top to bottom, amidst the sky To the unbounded dungeons deep, The continuous will to find, To find “the precious” amongst the heap. To carry on till the sun gets dawned; Or … More Strolling Forward

The Next Step

Those numerous twilights which gave you company The drizzles, which had also been their counterparts; Your very next home was more than anything it could be- Showering praises, providing the warmth of living new; Filling up the shortcomings every time you were down And now, this had to happen- sequential and pragmatic. Those walls which … More The Next Step

Thrill May Kill You

I had heard a little about Bhitarkanika National Park, and Google helped me with the rest. Though it was the ongoing season, unfortunately, we made it to the last few names in the visitor’s book of Gupti FRH. The Bhitarkanika National Park is spread over an area of 670kms- it’s not big, it’s huge. The … More Thrill May Kill You


“One of the major changes creeping in my life is my mindset. The way I used to think- the way I used sketch my plans & portray them in front of my audience, has evolved gradually. I may have been a bit redundant; more careful of what I speak & giving attention to the varied … More Adaptation


And then he roars out loud With the bus on its way; Still few hastened as always late Leaped swift and breathed allay. I and my own self Getting inches to spread; Known heads gushing in heavy Clutched to handle like beads of the thread. Roaring down the lane With nothing done so wise; Kept … More Witness