Evening Rituals

That distant hullabaloo Shatters the stillness, wrecking my daydream- While the flock of pigeons heads back home I arrange the kettle, wood and cream. The last hectare soaking the golden blessings Rest painted blunt and grey, Gushes of steam, blurring the lid And the essence races along its way. It’s growing darker, dissuaded by worries … More Evening Rituals

Muchas Gracias

To all of you, Gratitude has been on the wrong side of the Bell curve. It’s been fading away gradually. Yet there’s no better alternative for gratitude at all. It’s almost five long years since I joined this beautiful platform and I feel blessed. I won’t say I’m satisfied because there’s much more in the … More Muchas Gracias


I won’t be giving a lot of introduction to what I’m gonna say next. Because it needs no introduction! So, a few days back, I watched a small clip on YouTube, and it struck me quite hard. Literally, it moved me enormously. So, I’m going to expand a bit on it, hereafter. It was kinda … More Sick!