The Reality Check

All those budding dreams, those small hopes of progressHave gone for a toss;They have been destructed holistically-While nature listed all its duesLeaving all of us in this bog- destructed and helplessProving yet again, that she’s the boss.Our very own siblings have cold-shouldered us in this apocalypseAnd that is more petrifying to deal with. Lives lost, … More The Reality Check

The Lost Act

I am late- by twenty years or so! Yes, and I feel I am not alone. The mob might consist of “not-me”s but, mostly, they are close to me. While recently going through some of the history pages and some anthropological warm-ups, I found that I was in a nasty place- not my home, neither … More The Lost Act

My Second Thought

At the helm of this Tragedy, When stories don’t plunge a smile Minds abnormally randomized, hearts so worried Fear & anxiety stride an extra mile; The Devil knows no boundaries, breaks every rule Leaving us calmly quarantined They call it house arrest, but that’s a blessing, Bending down to the storm, restricting my mind. Avoiding … More My Second Thought


As I lose my way, unaware Marching into the next version of myself, As I  conceal this little soul From such  grief-stricken eyeballs all round; As I tread into my next dream Snoozing the former ones, bruised and shattered, As I own the moment leaving my footprints behind Never allowing repentance to live it better; … More Beginnings

Evening Rituals

That distant hullabaloo Shatters the stillness, wrecking my daydream- While the flock of pigeons heads back home I arrange the kettle, wood and cream. The last hectare soaking the golden blessings Rest painted blunt and grey, Gushes of steam, blurring the lid And the essence races along its way. It’s growing darker, dissuaded by worries … More Evening Rituals